The Pro Series
Established 2009

Point Standings

The Pro Series is comprised of six tournaments held once a month beginning in September, with the playoffs finishing in April. With the exception of the Kids/Pro Tournament, each tournament is allotted points. Bowlers earn points based on how they finish in qualifying rounds, and in the bonus or knock-out rounds. The majority of the points awarded in the qualifying rounds, although the biggest point total is awarded to the champion (knock-out round winner) of each tournament. All points earned are based on individual performance.


The playoffs will take the top 24 in the standings at the end of the year and will bowl two strings head-to-head matches.The top point leader entering the playoffs will earn the title of Bowler of the Year. The Playoff Champion will become the Pro Series Champion for the season.

2017-2018 Season
Point Standings
Updated 1/18/18

Point System Breakdown