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Pro Series
Saturday March 7, 2015
Lakeside Lanes - Manchester, NH

Congratulations to Shawn Baker for winning the 10-Stringer at Lakeside Lanes on March 7, 2015.  Shawn hit 1406 for the ten strings edging out Jim Ayotte by 33 pins.  With a 20 pin lead going into the final string, Shawn bowled a 133 to Ayotte's 120 and was able to hold on to the lead.  With the victory, Shawn jumped 10 spots in the overall point standings to finish 2nd overall. 

Shawn's 10-Strings:

135 - 172 - 145 - 127 - 151 - 156 - 122 - 133 - 142 - 133  -  1406

Thank you to all the participants and to Lakeside Lanes for being a great host.  We hope to see you all at the playoffs in April!
Pro Series
Sunday April 19, 2015
Woburn Bowladrome - Woburn, MA
Our final event of the season is the playoffs to be held at Woburn Bowladrome.  The top 40 in point standings will compete to become the 2014-2015 Pro Series Champion!  

The top 24 in points will be automatically entered into the playoffs, and seeds 25-40 will bowl 2 strings head-to-head with the winners advancing to the playoffs.

The first round will start at 10AM, and we encourage everyone to show and see some of the best bowlers in the New England Area!

Check out our tournament schedule and download a membership application on our Schedule of Events page.  If you plan on being a member this year you can do so at any point during the season, but remember you won't accumulate points for the playoffs if you haven't paid your dues.  The playoffs will remain the same as last year with the top 24 in the standings at the end of the year will be guaranteed to make the playoffs, and 25-40, 26-39, etc... will bowl two strings head-to-head to qualify.

Jim Ayotte Wins Bowler of the Year!
For the first time Jim Ayotte has become the Pro Series Bowler of the Year!  Jim had an outstanding showing at the 10-Stringer at Lakeside Lanes and was able to take over the top spot, and hold off 10-Stringer Champion Shawn Baker.  

Jim earned the top spot with a top qualifyier at Park Place Lanes, and a second place finish at Lakeside Lanes.