The Pro Series
Established 2009
Pro Series Results
Cape Ann - Playoffs
Congrats to Bob Whitcomb for winning the playoffs for the 2015-2016 season!  Bob finished 12th overall in the standings, after a strong 5th place finish in the 10-Stringer. 

Bob defeated Dave Barber 256-224, Craig Holbrook 284-241, Brian Purdy 228-223, Ed Woodside 240-231, and Chris Boisvert 258-236.

This is Bob's 2nd Singles Title in the Pro Series, and his 4th overall title.
Pro Series Results
Colonial Bowl - 10-Stringer

Congrats to Ed Woodside for winning his first Pro Series Event this past weekend on March 5th.  Ed won the 10-Stringer with 1320, the only bowler to score over 1300.  He earned 520 points on the day and went from 21st to 9th in the point standings, one position shy of earning a bye into the 2nd round.

128 140 117 121 112 618
174 119 146 126 137 702

Pro Series Results
Viking Recreation - Singles Elimination
Congrats to Jim Ayotte for winning the Singles Elimination at Viking Recreation on February 6, 2016. He qualified 6th overall, finishing with a 144 string for a 5-string qualifying total of 621.

In the elimination round, Ayotte had scores of 144, 120, 113 and 123 on his way to his first event win of the season.  He tied with Ed Woodside in the semi-finals for the last spot, and forced three bowlers to advance to the finals. He set himself apart with 3 marks in a row in the middle of the string, and a mark in the 9th box to seal the deal.
Pro Series Results
2015 - 2016
Sunnyside Doubles Knockout
Congratulations to Bob Whitcomb and Jon Winchell for winning the Doubles Knockout at Sunnyside Bowladrome.  Bob and Jon qualified 6th overall with a score of 1274.  Bobby Whit led the way with a 648, with Winchell bowling 626.  

In the knockout round, they defeated Jeff Lapierre and Scott Lapierre 278-211; Jeff Surette and Dave Barber 305-260; John Zappi and Brian Mayer 231-209; and finally Brandon Marks and Craig Holbrook.
Pro Series Results
2015 - 2016
Woburn Kids/Pro

Congratulations to Mike Pelchat and Jonathan McDonald for winning the Kids/Pro Tournament on December 20th at Woburn Bowladrome.  Mike and Jonathan were paired up when they each finished 7th overall, earning a bye into the second round.  

In the playoffs, they defeated Collins and Poulin, Fontaine and Zuffelato, Douglass and Kafalas, and Dambrowski and Myrick in the Finals.

Thank you to all who came out to support this event, as it is one of the best events the Pro Series has to offer.  We hope participation continues and we can keep this tournament an annual tradition. 
Full Results from the Kids/Pro at Woburn Bowladrome
Full Results from the 3-Man Teams at Pilgrim Lanes
Full Results from the Singles Knockout at Ryan's Family Amusements
Pro Series
2015 - 2016
Pilgrim 3-Man Teams

Join us next month for the 3-Man Teams Event to be held in Haverhill, MA at Pilgrim Lanes.  The date for the tourney is November 1, 2015 and the shift times are 10AM and Noon. The cost for this tourney is $100, with high single and high series included in the cost. 

The format for this tournament is typical singles qualifying style, with the top 24 making the cut.  We will take the top 36 if we get more than 80 bowlers. The format for the playoff round will be elimination.

If you would like to sign up for this tourney, send an email or call Dave:  -  781-439-3411

Full Results from the Doubles Knockout at Lucky Strike