The Pro Series
Established 2009
Congrats to Skip Easterbrooks for winning the Pro Series Playoffs 
and becoming the 6th Pro Series Champion! 
Pro Series Playoffs
Sunday April 19, 2015
Woburn Bowladrome - Woburn, MA

Congratulations to Skip Easterbrooks for winning the Playoffs and becoming the 6th Pro Series Champion!  Skip finished the final match with a flurry of marks to come back from a 21 pin hole to beat Jonathan McDonald by 10 pins!  In the final 4 boxes of the match, Skip had 4 marks and 76 pins to finish.

Skip finished 23rd in the point standings and was paired up with the 10 seed Dave Godwin.   He defeated Godwin 242 - 221; Chris Sacchetti 269-220; Shawn Baker 224 - 215; Jon Winchell 274-240; and Jonathan McDonald 244-243.  Skip had a triple strike in the last few boxes in his semi-final match against Jon Winchell to take the lead and advance to the finals.

Check out the match on YouTube here:

Thank you to all those who participated in the Pro Series in our 6th Season!

Jim Ayotte Wins Bowler of the Year!
For the first time Jim Ayotte has become the Pro Series Bowler of the Year!  Jim had an outstanding showing at the 10-Stringer at Lakeside Lanes and was able to take over the top spot, and hold off 10-Stringer Champion Shawn Baker.  

Jim earned the top spot with a top qualifyier at Park Place Lanes, and a second place finish at Lakeside Lanes.  
Metro Doubles Knockout 

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